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The Carbon Index


The Carbon Index (Ci) accreditation provides independent, third-party verification that a building, home or community was designed and built using strategies aimed at achieving high energy performance.

With four possible levels of certification (Gold, Platinum, Net Zero, Positive), Ci is flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of energy performance targets that best fit the constraints and goals of particular projects.

Certification guides outline the process and necessary details for projects attempting Ci certification.

The 4 Stages of Carbon Index

Stage 1
You can register your Building project at any time, from Concept Design through Construction and Operation.
Stage 2
Carbon Index Design
The Building is benchmarked based on Building Energy Modelling. BEM is a versatile tool that allows designers, engineers and architects to predict building energy use during the design of new buildings.
Stage 3
Carbon Index Operational
During Operation, the Building Energy Model is calibrated using operational data to develop a Digital Twin, an accurate virtual replica of the building project. This forms the basis of the Carbon Index Operational accreditation.
Stage 4
Carbon Index Live
Building is constantly monitored and its performance is communicated via a dynamic plaque. Carbon savings are turned into tokens that can be traded like assets.

While the majority of Green building rating tools stop at Stage 2 or an equivalent design assessment, the Carbon Index becomes a “partner for life”, using operational performance data to assist you to minimise post-construction energy use throughout the building’s life cycle.